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Tourist destination in Peru .:. Puno

Puno City

It is located on the Andean plateau, the city of Puno is dominated by the presence of Lake Titicaca, sacred place of the Incas and populated by natural and artificial islands of Peru. Puno has prehispanic archaeological sites of circular constructions called from their origin chullpas, which attract tourism every year. Its churches are characterized by a marked colonial architecture. It is a town proud of its Quechua and Aymara past of folkloric tradition that overflows every year in dances and rites during the Virgen de la Candelaria Festival. Puno is a legend, multicolored party, populated by natural and artificial islands Location: It is located in the southern highlands of Peru, shares a border with Bolivia. It has a basically flat relief because a good part of the territory is in the Collao plateau. Extension: 71,999 Km2.Location in Puno Living culture and nature: For cultists of the experiential tourism, fans of archeology, admirers of religious monuments, collectors of handicrafts, enthusiasts of popular traditions, lovers of wild animals and adventure sports. Weather The climate of most places is cold and semi-dry, the rainy season starts in October and ends in April; however, in the province of Sandia, the climate varies from temperate to warm, with rainfall throughout the year. COLD AND SEMISECO Maximum temperature 14 ° C 57 ° F Minimum temperature 3 ° C 37 ° F Access roads ROUTE OF AERIAL ACCESS Regular flights from Lima to Juliaca (1 hour 40 minutes, direct) and Lima – Juliaca, with a stopover in Cusco (2 hours 40 minutes). ROAD OF TERRESTRIAL ACCESS Lima – Arequipa – Cabanillas – Juliaca – Puno: 1320 km (21 h). Cusco – Juliaca – Puno: 389 km (7 h) Arequipa – Saint Lucia – Cabanillas – Juliaca – Puno: 325 km (6 h) Tacna – Candarave – Laraqueri – Puno: 415 km (7 h) ROUTE OF FERROUS ACCESS: Cusco – Puno: 384 Km (10 hours).

Our tours in Puno

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Puno Tours: Full Day Puno – Tiahuanaco. The best tourist packages in Peru and South America.

Full Day Puno – Tiahuanaco

Full Day Puno – Tiahuanaco This tour leaves every day on the way to Tiahuanaco, where we will know different places like the “Inca Uyo” in Chucuito and the mystical gate of Amaru Muru. We will make a short stop in Pomata to observe the beauty of Lake Titicaca and the church of Santiago Apóstol. […]
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Puno Tours: Puno Incredible – 3days / 2night. The best tourist packages in Peru and South America.

Puno Incredible – 3days / 2night

Puno Incredible – 3 days / 2 nights Discover the wonders of Puno, discover the beauty of Amantani Island and Taquile, learn about the traditional floating islands of the Uros, listen to its population and learn about its lifestyle, In Amantani we will see the Incas Pachamama and Pachatata ceremonial temples; We will stay until we […]
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Puno Tours: Tour Uros, Taquile and Amantani Islands 2 Dias /1 Noche. The best tourist packages in Peru and South America.

Tour Uros, Taquile and Amantani Islands 2 Dias /1 Noche

Tour Uros, Taquile and Amantani Islands 2 Days /1 Night Explore the highest navigable lake in the world. You can visit the impressive floating islands of Uros, Taquile and Amantani. It will be one with nature and you will be able to know the customs of the inhabitants of these islands, their ancestral techniques of […]
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Puno Tours: Puno y Uros island – 2day/1night. The best tourist packages in Peru and South America.

Puno y Uros island – 2day/1night

By visiting the “highest navigable lake in the world” you can visit the impressive floating islands of the Uros and learn about the customs of the inhabitants of these floating islands and their living culture, their ancestral design techniques and their culinary heritage. You can have contact with the waters of Lake Titicaca, enriching for your […]