13 October, 2023


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    The Salkantay Trek to MachuPicchu is a challenging and rewarding trek that takes you through diverse landscapes and provides stunning views of the Andes.


    1. Physical Preparation:

      • The trek is challenging, so it’s essential to be in good physical shape. Cardiovascular exercises and strength training can help you build endurance and stamina.
      • Altitude can be a factor, so if possible, spend some time acclimatizing in Cusco before starting the trek.
    2. Packing:

      • Pack light but make sure to include essentials like a good pair of hiking boots, a comfortable backpack, a sleeping bag suitable for cold temperatures, and layers for varying weather conditions.
      • Don’t forget a rain jacket, as weather conditions can change quickly.
    3. Clothing:

      • Dress in layers to accommodate temperature changes throughout the day.
      • Bring moisture-wicking clothing to help keep you dry and comfortable.
    4. Footwear:

      • Invest in a good pair of hiking boots and make sure to break them in before the trek to avoid blisters.
      • Consider bringing sandals or comfortable shoes to wear in the evenings at the campsite.
    5. Rain Gear:

      • The weather can be unpredictable, so a good quality rain jacket and waterproof pants are essential.
    6. Water and Hydration:
      • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Carry a reusable water bottle and consider bringing water purification tablets or a filtration system.
    7. Snacks:

      • Pack energy-boosting snacks such as nuts, granola bars, and dried fruits to keep you fueled during the trek.
    8. Altitude Sickness Prevention:

      • Acclimate in Cusco before starting the trek.
      • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.
      • Consider bringing altitude sickness medication, but consult with a healthcare professional first.
    9. Trekking Poles:

      • Trekking poles can provide support, especially during descents, and help reduce the strain on your knees.
    10. Camera and Binoculars:

      • The Salkantay Trek offers stunning scenery and wildlife, so bring a good camera and binoculars to capture the moments.
    11. Headlamp/Flashlight:

      • Essential for navigating in the dark, especially during early morning hikes.
    12. Cash:

      • Bring some cash in small denominations for tips and small purchases along the way.
    13. Permits and Documentation:

      • Ensure you have all necessary permits and your passport with you.
    14. Respect the Environment:

      • Follow the “Leave No Trace” principles. Respect the natural environment and local communities.
    15. Guided Tour vs. Independent Trek:

      • Decide whether you want to go on a guided tour or trek independently. Guided tours often include a support team, which can enhance your experience and make the trek more manageable.

    Remember to check the latest travel advisories and regulations before embarking on your journey. Enjoy the incredible landscapes and the unique experience of reaching Machu Picchu via the Salkantay Trek!


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