Tour Peru 22 days, Cusco, Manu, Arequipa, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Lima, Paracas

You will have unforgettable experience. Explore all the best Peru destinations traveling through Lima, Paracas, Ballestas, Nazca Lines, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Inca wonder Machupicchu. In this journey you will learn about a multitude of cultures from the coast, the Andes. Learn more about the Inca Culture and the custom.
  • Trip on plane Lima to Chiclayo (1 hour and 25 minutes).
  • Welcome and transfer from the airport to the Hotel in Chiclayo
  • Visit to the archaeological complex of Huaca Rajada.
  • Night at the Hotel in Chiclayo
You should be in Lima’s airport at least two hours before the time of the flight to Chiclayo, should approach to the counter of the airline there you can check your tickets by displaying your Id’s and take one-hour flight and twenty-five minutes to the city of Chiclayo, where we will welcome you and drive you to the hotel. In the afternoon  we go to the archaeological site of Huaca Rajada 33 km east of Chiclayo and 2 kms from the village of Sipan, where they found the intact tomb of an elite character, so it’s called THE LORD OF SIPAN (Moche 200 to 700 AD) the magnificence of its ornaments and the high degree of technological development makes goldsmith at work that is considered as the most important archeological discovery of the century. Visit the museum and excavation site exploration. Overnight at the hotel in Chiclayo.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Visit to the Archaeological Complex of Tucuman.
  • Tour to the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan.
  • Night at the Hotel in Chiclayo
TUCUME, departure to visit the archaeological site, famous for its pyramids and terracessurrounding the mountain on a radial Magic, traditionally known as Purgatory or Raya. You can see 24 to 26 pyramids that cover an area of 49 km2, . The greatest achievement of this culture was developed in fisheries, trade and agricultural activities. Later we will move to Lambayeque to visit the new and modern Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum has 10 exhibition halls in all the way, where you can appreciate the treasures of the Lord of Sipan and large collection of gold objects, silver and copper, and the treasures of the Lord of Sipan. Then appreciate the Church of St. Peter, the longest balcony in Peru (La Casa de La Loggia), visit the Main Square, then pass by the bakery in that city and eventually spending the night at the hotel.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 09:00 a.m Transportation from Chiclayo to Trujillo (4 hours approximate).
  • In the afternoon City Tour in Trujillo.
  • Night at the Hotel in Trujillo
After breakfast  we take a transportation from Chiclayo to Trujillo (04 hours approximately) Arrival to the city of Trujillo, reception and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon begin our tour in the city of Trujillo, visit the following sites: The Perimeter Wall (Baluarte Herrera), La Plazuela Recreation, Archeological Museum, Palace Iturregui, House of Empowerment, The Church Urquiaga Calonge, La Catedral, Casa del Mayorazgo, Plaza Mayor. Overnight at the hotel.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour to the Largest city of Barro Chan-Chan.
  • Visit to the Caleta of Huanchaco.
  • Night at the Hotel in Trujillo
(Breakfast at the hotel.) We will visit the Chan Chan archaeological complex, visiting the temple Huaca Arco Iris, or the Dragon, the Tschudi Palace, one of the nine best-preserved towns, its walls are decorated with friezes in high relief, we will seat their ceremonial worship, reservoirs , granaries, temples or hearings, funerary platform, ending the visit to the cove of fishermen of Huanchaco, a traditional fishing port where you can see the totora horses (ancient craft Mochicas).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour The Moche Countryside.
  • Tour to the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon
  • 15:00hrs Transfer from hotel to airport in Trujillo
  • Trip on plane from Trujillo to Lima (1 hour).
  • Transfer from airport in Lima to the hotel.
  • Night at the Hotel in Lima
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we will make a tour of the Moche Valley, visiting the Countryside Moche, where there are traditional ways of cultivating the land and the typical clothing of the villagers. On this countryside lies the Sun Temple and the Temple of the Moon, wich walls are decorated with beautiful arabesques in high relief with motifs from Mochica Mitology. Overnight at the hotel. In the afternoon, we wil drive you from the hotel to the airport to flight back to Lima, in Lima our staff will be waiting at the airport and drive you to hotel for rest.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 05:00 a.m  transportation from Lima to Paracas
  • Tour Ballestas Islands.
  • Tour Paracas Reserve.
  • 15:00hrs  transportation from Paracas to Nazca (03 hours approximately)
  • Night at the Hotel in Nazca
Early in the Morning we pick you up from your Hotel in Lima and take a private transportation to Paracas, where the tour start to the Ballestas Islands passing through “The Candle” a huge picture on the side of a hill. Arriving at the Ballestas Islands, we will visit the different islands for two hours, watching the different species of sea lions, seals, penguins and birds. After arriving at the port we will make the tour to the Paracas reserve. In the afternoon we will go by  transportation to Nazca (03 hours approximately) Overnight at your hotel. (Photo: Islas Ballestas Paracas).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour over the enigmatic Nazca lines (40 minutes depending on time).
  • Tour the cementery of Chauchilla.
  • 13:00 hrs  transportation from Nazca to Arequipa (08 hours approximately).
  • Hotel in Arequipa
After breakfast, we will transfer you to the Nasca airfield for a 45-minute flight over the Pampas de Nazca, where the ancient pre-Incas drew gigantic figures of animals and plants with a purpose not yet discovered, many believe that these figures were made by extraterrestrials, among which are the monkey, the spider, the hummingbird, etc. Then we will go to the Nasca terminal for your trip to Lima, the travel time is 7 hours. We will be waiting for you with a sign with your name to transfer you to your hotel. Then we will visit the ” Chauchilla Cemetery” then we take a private transportation to go to Arequipa “which is usually delayed 9 hours, the trip lasts all night, the next day our staff will be waiting to welcome you and drive you to the hotel.(Photo: The Hummingbird from the Nazca Lines).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • In the afternoon City tour in Arequipa.
  • Night at the hotel in Arequipa
Our staff will drive you to the hotel where you can rest. In the afternoon we will pick you up from your Hotel starting the City tour in “La Ciudad Blanca” including the  Convent of Santa Catalina: A cloistered convent built in 1580 and was enlarged in the 17th century. The over 20,000-square-meter monastery is predominantly of the Mudejar style, and is characterised by the vividly painted walls. There are approximately 20 nuns currently living in the northern corner of the complex; the rest of the monastery is open to the public. We will also visit Main Square , Compania of Jesus, Cayma and Yanahuara, with a magnificent view of Volcano” El Misti”.(Foto: Plaza de Armas de la ciudad de Arequipa.).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour to the Colca Canyon (the World deepest Canyon).
  • Night at the Hotel in Colca
Early departure towards the highlands passing through Yura-Pampa Catahuas and La Pulpera with good possibility of observing groups of wild vicuñas and fighting cattle. Stop en route to see petrogliphs in the Caves of Mollepunco and in the town of Callali to see natural hill formations with the appearance of enchanted castles. At five in the afternoon arrival in Chivay in the Colca Valley.(Accommodations at the Colca Valley.)
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour to the Colca Canyon, Cruz del Condor and return to Chivay.
  • Night at the Hotel in Puno.
To maximize your probability of seeing condors we depart very early towards the “Cross of the Condor” at about an altitude of 15,000 feet. Drive a little further to the canyon to see some pre-Inca ruins and watch the way of life in this remote land. Return to Chivay for lunch  and after that we take the touristic bus from Chivay to Puno. Hotel in Puno.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Tour to Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Lake of the Incas, the Uros Island, Taquile.
  • Night at the Hotel in Puno
Early in the morning you will be picked up from your hotel by our local guide and then transferred to the harbor. We start off our boat excursion of Lake Titicaca by visiting The Uros Floating Islands, a small community that has lived on these reed Islands for decades. Centuries ago the small indigenous Uros tribe conceived of the islands as a way to isolate and protect themselves from rival tribes, the Collas and the Incas. The Uros people harvested the reeds in the shallows of the lake, bundled them together tightly and built floating island platforms complete with reed houses and canoes, creating in this way their own little world. After strolling around the floating Islands, we continue our journey towards Taquile Island (2 hour aprox.), a traditional Quechua speaking community, full of ancient agricultural terraces and some ruins dating back to the pre-Inca times. The Taquile population was relatively isolated from the mainland until 1950s, and the notion of the community and family is still very strong among them. At the top of the Island, you will have free time to explore this place on your own and afterwards you will meet the group for lunch at one local restaurant. After lunch, we will descent to the harbor to take our boat back to Puno. We will be back in Puno by 17:00 hrs. approximately. Hotel in Puno.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 07:30 a.m Transportation from Puno – La Paz (06 hours approximately) in the morning.
  • On the way We will visit Tiawanaco archeological complex (Pre Incas Culture)
  • Arriving to La Paz
  • Overnight in selected hotel in La Paz
In the morning our  transportation will pickup us from our hotel to take to La Paz, Bolivia (06 hours approximately). On the way we will visit Tiawanaco Archeological Complex. We will find visit one of the most impressive archaeological sites of South America. Scientists still hold many doubts about the origins and desapearance of the Tiahuanaco culture.What we do know: This civilization arose in the 6th century BC, and local Indian legends described the city as the capital of the bearded white god Wiracocha. Tiahuanaco endured a thousand years more than Rome, and almost 2000 years more than the Inca civilization that built Machu Picchu. Moreover, the inhabitants had developed a system of agriculture that turned barren Altiplano land into the breadbasket of their society. The city of Tiahuanaco, capital of a powerful pre-Hispanic empire that dominated a large area of the southern Andes and beyond, reached its apogee between 500 and 900 AD. Its monumental remains testify to the cultural and political significance of this civilisation, which is distinct from any of the other pre-Hispanic empires of the Americas. The classic, or fourth period (300-700 AD), is perhaps the most dramatic, with its huge stone structures that watch over the site today. Overnight in La Paz.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • In the morning City tour in La Paz and visit the Moon valley.
  • 14:00hrs  transportation from La Paz to Copacabana (03 hours approximately).
  • Overnight in selected hotel in Copacabana
In the morning we will have an interesting start to our tour by visiting the famous Witch Doctor’s Market which gives you an opportunity to buy a variety of charms. A visit to the San Francisco Colonial Church will remind us about the immensity of the culture of La Paz. The tour will continue to Plaza Murillo, the location of the Cathedral, Government Palace and National Congress buildings. There will also be a visit to the famous colonial street Jaen where interesting museums are situated before we visit the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. We will have a change of scenery as we continue to the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto and La Florida. The tour will end with a visit to the unique Moon Valley, with mountains forming an odd work of art. We will get the opportunity to walk around the valley and visit a ceramic workshop where we can watch a demonstration on the art of pottery. In the afternoon private transportation from La Paz to Copacabana (03 hours approximately).Overnight in Copacabana.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Visit the Sun island in Copacabana.
  • In the afternoon private transportation from Copacabana – Puno (03 hours approximately).
  • Arriving to Puno
  • Overnight in selected hotel in Puno
In the morning we start visiting the Sun Island. we’ll embark on our shared motorboat for the southern part of Sun Island, crossing the diverse waters of the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, for a 1½ hours. Once we arrive at Sun Island it’s a short hike of about 20 minutes to the Pilcocaina Archeological Center, ruins of a mysterious sacred site devoted to the worship of Inti, the Sun God and supreme Inca deity. After a guided visit of the site, we’ll descend along an original Inca path, the stone steps of Yumani Stairway, to arrive at the Fountain of Youth. Afterwards, around 4:30pm, it’s time to cross the lake again to return to the city of Copacabana. Arriving around 13:00pm in Copacabana. Then  after lunch private transportation from Copacabana to Puno (03 hours approximately).. Overnight in Puno
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Pickup from hotel to the bus terminal in Puno at 06:45 a.m
  • Guided tour from Puno to Cusco (All Day 08:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs approx). Touristic bus.
  • Transfer from the bus terminal in Cusco to the Hotel.
  • Overnight in selected hotel in Cusco.
After breakfast, we will drive you to the bus station to start with our trip to Cusco this tour lasts around 8 hours you will have 4 guided visits, Andahuaylillas’s temple or South American Sixtine Chapel , the Inka temple of Raqchi, Buffet lunch in Sicuani,La Raya at 4335 m.a.s.l and the Inka Aymara museum of Pukara. Every visit has a duration of 20 or 40 minutes, where the passenger will be able to make questions, take photos and walk a for a while, doing our trip very pleasant .Then we will arrive in Cusco, and our staff will drive you to the Hotel.(Photo: Raqchi).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Free Morning.
  • Pickup from your hotel to start the tour between 13:00 hrs to 13:15 hrs.
  • City Tour in Cusco: The Cathedral, Qoricancha Tambomachay, Puka Pukara and Qenqo.
  • Typical Dance and Music Night Show (from 19:00 hrs to 08:00 hrs).
  • Overnight in selected hotel in Cusco.
We can rest in the morning the tour starts in the afternoon ,Around 13:30 hrs We’ll pick you up from your Hotel to start visiting the following attractives with a professional guide : The Koricancha Palace and Convent of Santo Domingo: Religious center known as “The Temple of the Sun” where you will admire the impressive engineering used in its construction The Cathedral: Colonial religious monument of extraordinary artistic value.Sacsayhuaman:Built at 3 Km. From the city of Cusco, impressive stone fortress with an excellent architecture, Famous for its huge carved stones some of which are at 9 m/ 30 feet off the floor,with a weigh of 350 tons. Here is where the Inty Raymi or Fiesta del Sol is held in June Every year. Qenqo :Ceremonial and ritual center, amphitheatre where sacrifices were made.Puca-Pucara:An old tambo (resting place), monitoring place throughout the Inka Empire Routes. Tambomachay: At 7 Km. From the city of Cusco, ceremonial center of cult to the water,known traditionally as the place where water rests. At the return to Cusco we can be dropped off near to main Square or at The Dance and Music Show to watch tipical dances of Cusco.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Pickup from your hotel to start the tour between 07:00 a.m to 07:10 a.m.
  • Tour to Sacred Valley in Private tour ( From 07:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs).
  • 19:00 hrs train from Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes (town of Machupicchu)
  • Overnight in Aguas Calientes
On this day tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas that starts at 07:00 in the morning, collected from the hotel to go to Pisac, which is a typical market, with pictures terraced fields on the mountain. Visit the archaeological site of Pisac. It is also famous for its fairs where you can buy beautiful handicrafts. Then we head to Urubamba where we have included a typycal lunch. Then we go to the fortress of Ollantaytambo, where descendants of the Incas living in the home of the Incas. Also after Ollantaytambo we will visit Patacancha whre we can see some Wayruros people and finally we go to the Ollantaytambo train station to board the train that leaves at 19:00 hrs. hours to Aguas Calientes, arriving 20:40 hrs. averaging. Overnight at hotel in Aguas Calientes (Machupicchu). (Photo: Valle Sagrado de los Incas).
  • Bus to Machu Picchu.
  • 06:hrs. view of the sunrise in Machupicchu.
  • Guided Tour in the citadel of Machu Picchu (approx. 3 hours).
  • Free time for taking pictures or other activities.
  • Train back to Ollantaytambo.
  • Private transportation from Ollantaytambo to Cusco.
  • Overnight in Cusco.
After getting up early and have breakfast, climb to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and we appreciate the spectacular sunrise this marvel.Optional: can make the trek to the summit of Huayna Picchu this will take about 2 hours round trip (This visit is without Guide). After excursions with our guide to the citadel of Machu Picchu, for 2 hours, visiting the Main Plaza, the Circular Tower, the Sacred Solar Clock, the Royal Quarters, the Temple of Three Windows and various cemeteries around for more than two hours. He was then given free time to stroll around the citadel. They will have all morning to Machu Picchu to take pictures and be in this mystical place. Then descend to Aguas Calientes and we will take the train back to Ollantaytambo, where our staff will be waiting for you, for transportation by bus to Cusco and take you to your hotel. (Photo: Machu Picchu).
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Pickup from your hotel to take to the airport at 08:45 a.m.
  • Flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado
  • Pickup from the airport to the Lodge.
  • We visit the monkey Island, fascinating natural environment.
  • Overnight on the lodge.
Upon your arrival in Puerto Maldonado, Peru´s Capital City of Biodiversity, we will welcome you at the airport. Then, we´ll start our program with a visit around the city, on a bus. Afterwards, we will go to Puerto Capitanía, to board a motorized riverboat, and we´ll navigate on the Madre de Dios River. During the journey, we will submerge into a fascinating natural environment, if we are lucky we will witnessRonsocos, Caimans, Turtles, Herons, Cormorants and other animal species in their natural environment. Arriving at the Ecoamazonia Lodge, we will enjoy an exquisite welcome drink, we´ll get settled in our bungalows and will have lunch together. In the afternoon, accompanied by our specialized guide, we will visit Monkey Island, a unique place in the heart of Madre de Dios River, five minutes away from the Lodge. During the hike, we will observe extraordinary landscapes, with an exuberant flora, sheltering a variety of monkey species, in their natural habitat, such as Maquisapas, Capuchins, Small Lion Monkeys, Frailes, Cotos and other animal species like the Coati and Sloths and a great variety of birds. Finally, we´ll complete our visit of the island, enjoying the sunset, with the most impressive dusk in the jungle. Back to the lodge we conclude the day with a pleasant dinner.
  • We visit the COCHA LOST where will start an adventure in the virgin rainforest, and accompanied by a local guide and others activities.
  • Overnight on the lodge.
After breakfast, we will start an adventure in the virgin rainforest, and accompanied by a local guide, we´ll go on a hike in the deep jungle, to get to the Lost Cocha which constitutes a refuge and feeding ecosystem for a huge variety of animals. There, we´ll have the chance to observe Otters, Caimans, Turtles, Sachavacas (Tapirs) Birds with multicolored feathers, the majestic Jaguar and a variety of fish species. This area is unique and proper to the Ecoamazonia´s Ecological Reserve which maintains it intact, with huge swamps and diverse “aguajales”. Then, we´ll get to the extraordinary Observation Deck, from which we´ll be able to appreciate the immense and magical rainforest. Afterwards, we´ll have a pleasant canoe ride around the lake and will return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we´ll have the opportunity to pay an optional visit to the local Botanical Garden or if you prefer, you´ll have the option to relax around the Pool. In the evening, enjoy our farewell dinner, a fun night at the bar and game room to say goodbye to friends you made during your stay. Overnight on the Lodge.
  • Breakfast at the lodge.
  • Flight from Puerto Maldonado to Lima.
After a restful night’s sleep, the morning begins with the sound of beautiful birdsongs from the Amazon Paradise. In our dining room awaits a farewell breakfast before embarking the return to Puerto Maldonado. Flight from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco  (30 minutes) and then flight from Cusco to Lima (01 hours)
  • All transfers: Airport-Hotels-Airport, bus terminal-hotel-bus terminal, railway stations-Hotels-railway stations.
  • Airplane Flight Lima – Chiclayo.
  • 20 nights in selected hotel including breakfast (as accommodation).
  • All attractions entrances.
  • All the excursion are in shared group. Just Machupicchu and the sacred valley are in private tour.
  • English speaking guide for all the excursión.
  • 20 breakfast at the hotels.
  • Transportation for all the excursion specified on the program
  • Visit to the archaeological complex of Huaca Rajada.
  • Visit to the Archaeological Complex of Tucuman. (Valley of the Pyramids).
  • Tour to the Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan.
  • Private transportation from Chiclayo to Trujillo.
  • City Tour in Trujillo
  • Tour to The Countryside Moche.
  • Tour to the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.
  • Tour to the Largest city of Barro Chan-Chan.
  • Visit to the Caleta de Huanchaco.
  • Flight Trujillo – Lima (1 hour).
  • Private transportation from Lima to Paracas
  • Tour to the Ballestas Islands.
  • Tour to the Paracas reserve.
  • Private transportation from Paracas to Nazca.
  • Tour to the enigmatic Nazca lines of 40 minutes (depending on time).
  • Tour the cemetery Chauchilla.
  • Private transportation from Arequipa to Nazca.
  • City tour in Arequipa.
  • Tour to the Colca Canyon (the deepest canyon in the world), and reserve Vicuñas Chivay.
  • Tour to the Colca Canyon, Cruz del Condor view Condores.
  • Touristic bus from Chivay to Puno (4M Company)
  • Tour to Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Lake of the Incas, the Uros Island, Taquile.
  • Private transportation from Puno to La Paz.
  • Tour Tiawanaco on the way.
  • City Tour in La Paz and Moon valley.
  • Private transportation from La Paz to Copacabana (03 hours approximately)
  • Tour of Sun Island in Copacabana.
  • Private transportation from Copacabana to Puno
  • Guided tour of Cusco to Puno (All Day 8am – 6pm approx).
  • City Tour in Cusco and surroundings (Afternoon 14:00 hrs – 18:30 hrs).
  • Typical dance and music night show (from 19:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs).
  • Private tour of Sacred Valley (Full Day 08:30 hrs. to 19:00 hrs).
  • Tour Machupicchu including trains, buses, professional guide.
  • 01 Typical Lunch in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
  • Tour Tambopata Amazon 03 days – 02 nights.
  • Train tickets round trip from Cuzco-Machu Picchu (Aguas Calientes-Cusco).
  • Flight Cusco – Puerto Maldonado – Cusco.
  • Flight Cusco – Lima (1 hour).
  • Personalized assistance.
  • Meals.
  • Tips.