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Loreto -

Location: In the northeast of Peru, it mainly comprises zones of the Selva Baja or Llano Amazónico. It is a border region. Extension: 368,852 km2. Weather: Warm and rainy throughout the year. Temperature: Maximum temperature: 38 ° C Minimum temperature: 21 ° C Altitude: Minimum 70 masl (Amelia) Maximum 220 masl (Balsapuerto). Iquitos is the capital of the Loreto region. Through this region crosses the mighty Amazon River, the longest in the world, linking peoples that inhabit the heart of the jungle. Iquitos is the capital of the Loreto region. Iquitos, the exceptional "capital of the Peruvian Amazon" is located in the department of Loreto and is the largest city of the Amazon in Peru with nearly half a million inhabitants. How to get to Loreto?

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